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Exclusive Airport travel
When you hire an Absolutely Fabulous limousine for that special occasion there’s more than enough space to relax in comfort. So get your get your holiday off to the best start or end it in the perfect way, with an AbFab stretched limousine.

But the journey can be so much more than that…
Take John. His wife Angela had been working in the States for three months. And there he was at the terminal waiting for her, a smile on his face and flowers in hand. They were overjoyed to see each other … the Atlantic is no match for love. But imagine her joy, her surprise, when Andy took her to the car pack and instead of being greeted by their rusty old car, there waiting for them was a diamond white chauffeur-driven Absolutely Fabulous limousine. As John and Angela relaxed in each others arms, we took them on a slow romantic drive to their Cleveland home.
Surprise the one you love and let them live out their dreams — AbFab limos.
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