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Here after Dargues /Abfab limousines shall be known as the company. And the person who books the limousine shall be known as the hirer. It will be deemed that the hirer accepts full responsibility by Himself/herself for every person in his/her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows.

(1) All bookings are by pre-booking only and must be confirmed with a deposit of no less than £50 or by offering debit or credit card details with enough funds available to cover deposit or cancellation fee without these details booking will not be accepted as positive.

(2 On weddings full payment must be made via our office no less than 30 days before date of hire. If  payment is not received by that date then booking will be canceled and deposit forfeited. For late bookings payment will be at the discretion of the company but no later than seven days before date of hire.

(3) In the event of a cancellation any deposit paid will be forfeited however unavoidable. Circumstances such as bereavement: deposits may be refunded at the discretion of the company. No refund will be given if cancellation is less than 30 days of date of hire. Full payment will be sought for any booking canceled 14 days before date of hire. If debit or credit card used for booking the company reserve the right to use debit card to cover cost for late cancellations.

(4) No responsibility can be accepted for adverse weather conditions ( ie. snow, flooding, etc)  which may cause delay or cancellation of booking by the company.

(5)  Whilst every effort is offered to the servicing of the vehicles no responsibility can be accepted for mechanical ,electrical or material breakdown howsoever caused. In the unlikely event every effort will be made for the immediate repair to the vehicle so that the journey can continue or the hirer can be transferred to other vehicles and any reasonable cost incurred will be borne by the company or a refund given.  In  the event of conditions 4 & 5  or any other breakdown or accident no responsibility will be accepted for missed connections and/or functions, howsoever caused.

(6) In the event of a breakdown or accident prior to the date of booking every effort will be made to supply a similar alternate vehicles at the company's discretion. If this is not acceptable to the hirer then a refund will be made of monies paid.

(7) The company reserves the right to change /replace or renew the vehicle booked or advertised in order to maintain the companies high standard. The replacement vehicle would be of the same type as originally booked and duly notified to the hirer.

(8) The consumption of food/food products and such like is not permitted in the vehicle.                    

(9) The hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damaged caused both inside and outside the vehicles by the Hirer or any members of his/her party howsoever caused. This includes incitement to ANY third party which results in damage to the vehicles and its contents.The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair and the location of the repairer will be determined by the company.In addition the Hirer will be liable to pay the company a fixed daily rate (determined by the company) while the vehicle is out of commission for such repairs, plus any further losses ie lost bookings.

(10) The company takes no responsibility for hires or any member of his/her party for damage to their own belongings ( i.e. spillages )

(11) The company takes no responsibility for items/goods left in vehicles by the hirer or any member of his/her party. The hirer must make sure all items/goods belongings  are removed at the end of rental term. Employees of the company cannot hold store safeguard any items for the hirer or his/her party.

(12) The company or its representative  (eg chauffeur) reserve the right to refuse entry to  the vehicle for any persons they deem unfit for whatsoever reason and can refuse to continue the journey. If any persons behave in a manner which may be detrimental to other persons or to the vehicle and its contents then no refund will be offered or given.

(13) A £100 valeting charge will be levied through misuse by the hirer from food drink or illness or whatever the retail cost may be if in excess of the amount to rectify said damage caused.

(14) Any extra requests or alterations to the booking (ie change of venue or extra pickups /drop offs causing extra mileage or time) not made at the time of booking/conformation  cannot  necessarily be entertained although every effort will be made to meet these requirements they will be chargeable at a rate determined by the company and will be paid for on the day of hire in cash or via the card  details given to the company from the hirer immediately after the the hire.

(15) Once a booking is made and confirmed and deposit paid the price quoted to the hirer will not be subject to alteration unless there is any deviation from the booking (see condition 14 ).

(16) The companies discretion shall be decided by the partners of the company at all times their decision is fully binding in all matters.

(17) It is a legal requirement that all passengers in forward facing seats are to wear seatbelts.               

(18) Waiting time of up to a maximum of ten minutes delay will be allowed for return pickups. If any of the hirers party have failed to return by this time then the company can only assume that the party members are making their own way or have made their own way back to the return destination via another mode of transport.

(19) Only the hirer can alter any detail of a booking that they have made with the company no third party will be allowed to change any detail to their booking with out the hirers consent.  

(20) The customer agrees that he/she has read the terms and conditions of Abfab / Dargues limousines and once they have booked will be bound by the same

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